Bladder irritants


This time of year with the heaters running full blast, imbibing at holiday parties, and trying to keep up with the regular exercise routine, it’s difficult to stay as hydrated as we need to be.  In the past, 6-8 cups of water was considered the norm. These days, we estimate your need by taking your body weight and dividing it in half; that’s how many ounces of non-irritant fluid you need to stay hydrated.


What are the most common bladder irritants?  The most common ones are caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, chocolate, sugar, and tomato/citrus fruits.  There are other bladder irritants too, which are outlined here.  


Non-irritant fluids include water, herbal tea, juices, soup, popsicles, smoothies, and non-carbonated beverages.  Have as much of these as you want!


Now, if you’re doing a hard workout or are nursing, more fluid is needed; there are varying opinions about how much is enough.  Just remember at the Christmas parties – for every beverage you drink that may be irritating, drink 1-2 non-irritating beverages, and your bladder will thank you!


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