What is Physical Therapy?

You can look at your physical therapist as a Movement Doctor. They have the ability to weed out serious conditions and treat the appropriate ones without having other practitioners be involved. They assess your entire body and spend time learning about YOU and YOUR GOALS. They treat without the use of injections, pain medications, or surgical procedures. Physical therapists can also treat and very wide variety of painful conditions.

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

An initial evaluation will include a discussion regarding your primary complaint, medical history review, a full-body movement assessment, and a combination of manual treatment and prescribed therapeutic exercise. Treatment may include dry needling if appropriate. The patient will leave with therapeutic exercise recommendations and self treatment techniques tailored to his or her needs. A plan of care will then be established to direct future treatment.

Physical Therapy Follow-Up


This Physical Therapy session will address the on-going plan of care established during the initial evaluation. The session will includes a mix of manual therapy, dry needling (if appropriate) and therapeutic exercises. The Therapist customizes each plan based on the individual needs of the patient.