Intro to My Assistant : Meet Lisa

When I tell people I have an assistant, their eyebrows raise and they look impressed. Not going to lie, It is pretty cool to say, “Oh, yes, my assistant will send that to you by the end of the week…”

When I first started the business, I needed to keep that overhead low! I wanted to do EVERYTHING. I was not going to give up the reins and pay anyone else but myself to do the work that needed to get done. I worked countless hours on projects unrelated to patient treatment. I was up late nights making flyers, creating social media posts, sending bills to patients, etc. Many of those things I was not efficient at and took much longer than it should have.

I met Lisa through my practice at Cynergy CrossFit. She was one of my first physical therapy patients. She kept talk all PT with an occasional, “…when you’re ready for help, let me know.” I kept this in mind, but mainly brushed it off because I was managing just fine without help… was I though?

One Thursday morning, as I began to start my session with my first patient at Cynergy, I looked down to find a small trash can. Now, this was not just an ordinary trash can. It was a grey one with my logo on it. I had been using a small Lululemon bag… I needed a trash can! However, it was not on the “C-list” of things to do. I immediately realized who had taken the time to make me a personalized trash can. It was Lisa, and she was hired.

I realized that I valued help like this from someone who cares about their job. She genuinely enjoys putting effort in to help small businesses grow, and help people live a bit more stress-free.. This screen printed trash can job does not amount to a measurable percentage of what she has done for me thus far. She has kept me afloat when life has been challenging, through bookkeeping, helping me find a new office, and teaching me the beginnings of entrepreneurship. She has been my go-to for all things business!

This blog post is not only to give a HUGE shout out to this SOLID assistant and plug Dargie Virtual Solutions, but to introduce all of you to the person you may receive a few emails from. Meet Lisa: support staff number 1.

If you are stressed out with the many things you are juggling in life, a small business, a side hustle? Check out the Services this lady provides. My level of stress has decreased tremendously and I would recommend her services to ANYONE.

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