We provide YOU with EFFECTIVE treatment of pelvic health conditions CONSERVATIVELY without the use of medications, injections, or surgery.

Our pelvic health division has a strong passion for helping both men and women dealing with these very personal and sometimes embarrassing conditions. We understand what you are dealing with and provide a comfortable environment for you to share your story.

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We can help you understand that changes can be made and there IS hope to transform back into a resilient version of yourself without the use of medications, surgery, or other expensive procedures.
Pain and distress do not have to run your life!

Healing from DR is not about getting rid of a “mommy tummy”. More importantly, it’s about rehabilitating the abdominal muscles to provide core stability and manage pressure loads going through your abdomen as you move around in life.

This condition can easily be diagnosed and treated by our physical therapists at Infinite Potential Physical Therapy and Wellness, but you can perform the test on yourself in 5 simple steps, you will find in this FREE Guide.

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