Meet Hallie

Today we are highlighting Hallie, who came to IPPTW in November 2018 after excision surgery for endometriosis.  In fact, she was Anna’s very first client when she came on board! Prior to surgery, she had been in persistent pelvic pain for two years with no answers as to why she was feeling her symptoms.  She felt repeatedly dismissed by the medical community until she was finally diagnosed with endometriosis by her surgeon. In addition to not knowing why she was feeling her pain, she didn’t have any tools to help her manage it.  

Hallie says, “Physical therapy at Infinite Potential has turned my life around. Anna Burns has given me the tools I need to manage my daily chronic pelvic pain. Between abdomen strengthening exercises, adjusting my diet, and working to relax my pelvic floor after years of pain, I feel like my life is back on track. Recovery isn’t linear, and Anna has helped me realize that. There are so many different pieces to rehabilitation that I wasn’t aware of before I started treatment…I feel so much more in tune with my body. My day-to-day pain isn’t nearly as disruptive and frequent as it was before I started PT. I have the tools I need to stay active and healthy while keeping my pelvic pain to a minimum.”

Working with Hallie has been hugely rewarding!  She has been so motivated to improve and has come SO FAR since her first visit.  She went from being unable to exercise prior to and following her surgery to being able to participate in multiple forms of exercise and work full-time.  She comes to every session with determination and energy that is truly contagious. She is willing to try anything thrown at her, and it’s been a lot!

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