NEW PT ALERT: Meet Mr. Keith Foley

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Keith Foley. I have been a  Physical Therapist for 16 years in Washington DC, New York and Boston. Originally from the tri-state area in New York, my family and I are moving to the South Shore and I am psyched to raise our son and be involved in this community. I am super  passionate about Physical Therapy and what we as a profession can offer to the community. I know the team at Infinite Potential has set the groundwork but I am excited to join forces and help serve this community in the best way possible. 

I strongly believe in understanding each person, their story, and getting to know them as the foundation to a successful plan. People get better when they are heard, understood, and participate in something meaningful. My goal is to coach people by helping them figure out what is going on in their body provide them with the necessary tools to make a positive change in long term function and performance. I love working with all populations including orthopedic, spine, running, cycling and sports with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. Working with people from all walks of life is one of the great benefits of our profession working and getting to know the community. 

Education is not only important in my treatment philosophy but also an important aspect of my life’s philosophy as a person and PT. I freakin’ LOVE reading and it is a very important in my life  (My High School teachers would be shocked). Reading about topics such as Humanities, Social Science, Psychology, Evolution and Philosophy have heavily influenced my practice over my career, along with staying on top of the current research in the medical profession. 

I also love my family! is something that I value most and when away from work my time is spent with my wife Maura and our son Declan who is 11 months old. We are excited to be moving our family to Hingham this year to grow and get to know the community. We look forward to hiking parks and reservations along with walking the sidewalks around town. Running, cycling, yoga and strength training are activities that we love to participate in consistently.

I look forward to this new opportunity and I am excited to get started.

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