Quarantine, an opportunity to work on nutrition? What IP clients are saying…

Currently the world is going through a major challenge and like all challenges, we are forced to react in one way or the other. With many in a position that they are now forced to slow down, we thought this might be an opportunity to promote a service we offer while you are in your home looking to focus your attention on something other than what is going on in the world. 

We at Infinite Potential believe in defying what others think are the limits. I know personally from working with Loni the feeling of helplessness when it seems as though nothing will work and my body is “stuck”. But after years of consistent hard work, I’ve learned that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what my body is capable of doing. 

A few months ago, Loni and I discussed Infinite Potential offering Nutrition and she was all for it. Our remote program has had great success since it started. While I could write on and on about how much success we have had, I asked a number of our clients to describe what their experience has been like since we started working together. 

We hope you’ll consider taking this time to work with us on developing your nutrition. While we are limited by our ability to work directly with you, Infinite Potential’s ability to utilize remote Coaching provides you the opportunity to make great progress in your health while in the comfort of your home. 

Thank you for reading! 

Nick asked me to put my trust in him and trust in this process, even though it was against everything I had ever allowed myself to do. I am SO GLAD that I turned my health and fitness over to him and agreed to walk this path with him. His knowledge far surpasses anyone else’s that I have ever tried working on my nutrition with.

Never have I been a part of a program where the science of what we are doing has been so well explained to me and given me purpose to understand the process and stick with it. I am down 50 pounds (which was my original goal) but excited that we are continuing to work together on the recomposition of my body. It has been incredible to see the changes and to not only be the thinnest I have ever been at almost 45 years old, but also the fittest. I have never felt more in control or have had a better understanding of nutrition than I do now. It changes your whole outlook on life and it completely changes how you feel about yourself.

  • Alicia

Working with Nick over the last 4 months has been an incredible experience.  I have learned for the first time in my life to achieve my weight goals, it is more important to feed my body than to starve it.   Nick has helped me to understand the key to weight management isn’t about fad eating plans or popular trends; it is all about feeding and nourishing your body on a consistent basis.  The program fits my busy schedule perfectly as we are able to work together virtually with weekly virtual check-ins and ad-hoc support as needed. Nick is able to not only coach me on nutrition virtually but is also able to coach me through adding various physical activity to my routine as well.   I have found this program to be the most successful nutrition plan that I have ever attempted. 

– Kerri

Working with Nick on nutrition has been the only thing I’ve tried in the last 5 or so years that has allowed me to consistently lose weight. Additionally, it improved my athletic performance in a way that I didn’t expect or necessarily even want, but now I’m hooked. Logging food and measuring macros is an adjustment at first but becomes second nature after a few weeks. I would absolutely recommend working with him to anyone trying to improve their fitness and completely change their body composition.

– Lindsey

I have been working with Nick remotely on getting my nutrition back in gear since early January. It has been an incredible experience. My schedule is so tight and difficult that being able to do this using a Telehealth option was perfect. He motivates me, coaches me and provides me all the guidance I would get if we met in person. Best of all – My results in the gym have skyrocketed, I got to eat more, added calories to my diet and in about 12 weeks lost over 13 pounds. Been a great experience.

– Pat

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