By Anna Burns, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist


For awhile I’ve been thinking about how I could provide physical therapy and helpful information to postpartum moms as soon as they get home from the hospital.  Usually, they don’t get referred to pelvic floor PT until after their 6-8 week checkup by their OBs or midwives, and then it’s usually a few weeks or months after that before they call to schedule their evaluations.  Meanwhile, there is so much that can be done right away to help with pain, incontinence, and bowel dysfunction, as well as preventative steps that these moms can take to avoid issues down the road.


The answer?  Telehealth. Why pack up the newborn, get yourself together, drive to an appointment, and then do it all in reverse, meanwhile having to worry about timing of feedings/diaper changes/naps?  Why worry about getting a sitter just so you can come to PT? By providing virtual physical therapy visits in the comfort of your own home, I’m able to give you all the information and therapy you need without the hassle.  These visits can also work for those times when a kid is home sick, and you can’t leave the house. Or when the weather is bad. Or when you just prefer to stay in your pajamas instead of getting dressed.


All you need is a phone, tablet, or laptop with a camera and internet.  Earbuds with a microphone help, but they’re not essential. It might help to be in a place where you could lay down on the floor or do an exercise or two while still being on camera.  When you book a virtual visit, you will receive a link for the call that you can click on when the time comes. For the savvy user, there’s also an app that you can download, which will make the process that much more streamlined.


I’ll also be providing “hybrid” treatment plans, which involve some in-person therapy sessions at our clinic in Hingham and some that will be done virtually.  That way, we can create a program that works best for your needs.


Have questions?  Feel free to reach out, and we can set up a time to chat before you decide what may work best for you.


Please note: For legal and licensure reasons, this service is only available to Massachusetts residents who are physically in the state of Massachusetts during the call.  If you’re not both of those things, I’d be happy to help connect you with someone can provide these services in your state.



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