A repetitive stress or overuse injury can be defined as an area of pain that may have been sparked by an activity that is repeated too frequently. The body has to be ready for the load, intensity, and or frequency of an activity and if the readiness is not present, pain can present. These types of injuries can come in the form of a bursitis or a tendinopathy, and even sometimes a muscle strain.

Most of the time these types of injuries need more than just rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medication. Sometimes, this type of RICE, “Rest Ice Compress Elevate”, treatment can actually prolong the issue if not dosed appropriately.  There is a time and a place for rest, however, the most effective way to improve an overuse injury is the proper dosage of movement and resistance activity directed by a trained professional.

Infinite Potential physical therapists are highly qualified in developing programs for clients who present with these types of injuries. No matter how long pain has been going on, a personalized rehabilitation program can be a effective conservative option to achieving pain-free activity.