Tendonitis specifically refers to an acute condition of a tendon in which an inflammatory process is occurring in response to excess loading or repetitions. This could be in the exercise realm where a person decides the do 100 pull-ups when they are only used to doing 25, or with a person who just began a new job that requires repetitive use of their shoulder to perform a task.

A tendinopathy is a more accurate term to use when describing a tendon problem. As described above, tendonitis specifically refers to acute pain and inflammation. Tendinopathy, a term that is rarely used, is a more common condition as most who deal with tendon pain have it for a prolonged (chronic/persistent) amount of time. Both conditions must be dealt with differently as they respond best to completely different programs.

The therapists at Infinite Potential utilize the most up-to-date treatments to establish effective programs for clients of all types of tendinopathies. These programs typically last about 8-12 weeks as the program is based upon changes that occur within the tendon itself that take a specific length of time to improve.