Meet Allie

I have been working with Allie since February 2019. She is 10 years old and is a competitive figure skater. She does off ice training at Infinite Potential three times a week -twice in a group setting and one private session.

She trains on the ice 6 days a week 2-3 hours a day.  With all of that tough on ice work it is very important for her to maintain strength and conditioning off the ice.  This is imperative for injury prevention but also to give her some extra help in being able to get through her skating programs with strength and stamina.  Off ice training strengthens her muscles, tendons, joint flexibility and core strength helping her with her sports performance but also is setting her up to be a strong adult with knowledge of correct form and posture and a solid baseline of body strength.

In our sessions we work on strength by lifting weights in squats, deadlifts, upper body push and pull movements,  conditioning by getting her heart rate up during full body exercise , flexibility with specific stretches to help her skating moves such as the splits, back bends etc, as well as balance and core.

Hands down she is the strongest 10 year old I know!

This fall she is competing at  The New England Figure Skating Regional Championships and we all wish her the best of luck !



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