Meet Jackie

Jackie came to us over a year ago. She, like many others who come are way are at their wits end with the pain they are dealing with. She was frustrated and willing to do anything to make the pain go away.

Here is her story…

Jackie was dealing with Tennis Elbow and lower back pain for a long time and was ready to do something about it, so she gave us a call.

“I had to reduce my pickle ball playing and found myself avoiding use of that arm and using my left arm instead on many tasks. I lived with chronic back pain and my elbow was sore nearly 24/7..” (She is a ninja on the court…)

It took quite some time, but she made it to the point where the elbow was no longer “a thing” and her back was really making strides in the right direction.

“I now have zero elbow pain. I am not hampered in any way in my physical exercise or limited in what I can do. My body in general is stronger and the exercise program has helped my physical endurance. I am back to running and although my back is sometimes cranky, it is way more infrequent and does not limit me in my daily life.”

We like to pride ourselves on being a different kind of PT so we asked her what she felt set us apart.

This is what she had to say…

“I love the app with the daily exercise program, as well as the accompanying videos to remind me how to do the exercises correctly. I love that there is a place on the app to give feedback, or ask questions and the response time to any questions I have is amazing! Any time that I have a concern with an exercise, or feel that it is uncomfortable in any way Loni is quick to adjust the exercise, or switch it to a different one.”

We change lives, period. Our programs are set to make people successful in every way possible. We don’t just get people back to baseline, because who wants to be baseline…

We asked her how life is different now that she is on this program.

“It has been life changing for me. I recently went skiing in the Austrian Alps and skied all day for a 6 days with no sore muscles or restrictions. I was the only one in my group to not be suffering from sore quads from the long alpine ski runs! It is amazing how strong I’ve become and how my body has responded to the exercise program.”

Keep reading, it gets better!

Given the availability of information in the media, most of us know that strength training can help people live longer, healthier, more active lives. This was a real result that we are so proud of!

“More importantly, I have been dealing with osteoporosis for many years, and have been taking medication up until 1 year ago. I recently had a bone scan and found that my bone mass had not only stabilized, but improved. My doctor was surprised to see this, and realized that it was my daily PT routine with Infinite Potential – the weight bearing exercise – that resulted in the improvement in my bone mass. As I said, it has been life changing!”

Jackie and I discussed that the medication she was on could have also contributed but she expressed that there is no doubt that strength exercise was the missing link that made the difference for her.

“If you are committed to getting stronger and feeling better, I strongly recommend you do this program. It has improved my lifestyle incredibly.”

Jackie has been such a pleasure to work with. She worked incredibly hard and overcame her aches and pains. She learned how to self manage at times and push her comfort zones, which can be challenging at times.

Thank you, Jackie, for trusting the process and continuing to work hard in every aspect of what we do together. I continue to look forward to seeing you make strides towards being as active as hell as you go throughout life!

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