Client Highlight: Meet Andy

It’s been quite a while since we did a client highlight so we are well overdue! This marks restart of a fabulous tradition where we highlight client success stories on the regular. People enter our office feeling frustrated and in pain, and over time they typically transition into feeling in control, empowered, and resilient. This series highlight those who are willing to share their stories with us our audience their own words.

Meet Andy

Andy was.. well, in his words, “I’m your typical middle aged white guy, just trying to live a pain-free life.”

Andy dealt with lower back soreness and pain. This led to trouble walking for long distances, and swinging a golf club. It also meant just simply bending to pick something up or rolling in bed, led to a shot of pain.

“My back effected all of my activities, from working out and hiking to simply standing and talking to people. Additionally, I didn’t sleep well…”

Andy ironically has a son who is a PT, which is where his at-home, self-help treatment started. His son reached out to me and told me that I need to see his dad because he felt he needed something more than what he could give him.

“The program pushed my limits. Initially we started slowly with stretching and then started to add weight training and intensity. I experienced some ups and downs with treatment, and some setbacks. But, with Loni’s help, we moved through those issues and now I am virtually symptom free.”

Andy was asked how the program was different than what he had experienced in the past for PT.

“The at home program was very helpful. The mobile app provided me with a structure and enough subtle pressure to keep me stretching and lifting as prescribed. We tweaked the program based on what worked and didn’t work.”

Andy was a great client because he not only trusted the process, but he also was honest about what he felt wasn’t working and what was. He was open to new options and pivoting his plan as long as it was in line with his goals.

“Life is so different without pain. I’m back to “normal” activities without having to think about my limitations, or feel sore afterwards. You notice pain. The good news is that I’m no longer noticing…I’m just doing.”

It is so great when someone finally turns a corner and notices that they, well, don’t notice “it” (their pain) anymore. If you have ever been in pain, you know what I mean.

“Loni was great to work with. She’s very smart, organized, prepared, engaging and fun. I looked forward to treatment sessions, and trusted that her work would lead to a good outcome…which it did!”

He even said I was fun! Look at that.

Andy was a one of a kind patient. He followed the plan, worked diligently on everything we discussed. He evolved both mentally and physically which I feel, was the true turning point to his recovery out of pain. The mental hurdles someone faces when dealing with pain are sometimes enormous and despite some work, he was a true testament this concept. Being his PT, he challenged me. He really made me think about how to approach his back pain and I thank him for being someone who made me a better PT, despite sometimes being a pain in the… 😉 (Just kidding, Andy.)

Thank you, Andy, for being a great client. I look forward to continuing to help you stay pain-free and strong for a lifetime.

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