Holiday Gift Giving For the Fitness Fan

By:  Kerry Moynihan, Certified Personal Trainer

It’s that holiday gift giving time of year. Be a super Santa in your fitness fan’s life by placing something special under the tree. Here are some at home equipment ideas for your Christmas shopping list: 

  1. TRX HOME2 SYSTEM: $169.95 

Suspension trainers allow you to use your own body weight to build muscle and strength. The TRX system (Total Resistance eXercise) is at the top of the market. Your at-home system can be suspended in the door frame for a convenient and mobile workout. 

  1. AB DOLLY:  $79.99

The Ab Dolly roller system builds core galore. Exercises range from upper body rollouts to lower body knee pulls – allowing you to target all major muscle groups. It isn’t nicknamed “Satan’s Skateboard” for no reason. Ab Dolly exercises are challenging and effective. 


These loopy latex bands are effective, stretchy, portable and perfect for stocking stuffing. They can be used for a range of exercises from glute & hip activation to shoulder, arm and back work. If your fitness fan is a traveler, these are the pick – easily packable. 

  1. FOAM ROLLER: $14.99

Foam rollers aid with muscle stiffness and loosen muscular knots. Perfect gift for those plagued by post-exercise soreness.  Rolling improves range of motion and helps with muscle fatigue. This is sure to be a fan favorite. 


This uber durable elastic ball comes with a pump to blow it up to approximately 30 inches. It’s major benefit is that due to its instability, it recruits more muscle, allowing for super efficient, effective and challenging exercises like: push-ups, wall squats, crunches, roll-outs, to name just a few. Plus, the color options make this a festive and fun gift. 


Like working out on a cloud!  Bombas use the softest of yarns to create comfortable, cozy, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking socks. Added to that, the Bombas company believes in a “one purchased – one donated” philosophy. So far over 25 million clothing items have been donated to homeless shelters and organizations thanks to Bombas customers and the Company’s sense of community. That’s a seasonal win/win. 

Wishing you a wonderful season of family, friends, fun and fitness!  🎁

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