Meet Debbie

I met Debbie while attending an OrangeTheory Fitness class last summer. She was the incredibly energetic one in the lobby talking to everyone, psyched to go sweat her butt off for an hour. Despite noticing her personality and energy, I also noticed that she had a brace on her knee and NEVER ran on the treadmill. This was obviously something I noticed being a performance-based PT who helps people get back to running all the time. Class after class, no running… I did not want to ask her, I figured (like most) she will call at some point.

Sure enough, one morning I get a text on facebook and it was Debbie! She wanted to know how she could get back to running.

This is her story…

“After 30+years of running, last October, 2018, I had minor knee surgery In order to a correct an ongoing problem.  As I said, the surgery was minor.  The realization that I wasn’t going to run again was not so easy for me to accept.  Running had always been my “go to” exercise.  It kept me sane.  The thought of having to find a new “go to” was difficult.

 As much as I wanted to accept the elliptical as an alternative, that wanting to run kept nagging me.  Months of routine physical therapy after my surgery was helpful but not to the point that I was satisfied with my progress.  My workouts at Orange Theory Fitness are amazing and the coaches are second to none.  Their assistance in giving me alternative exercises when needed was/are fabulous.  I have to say that as I struggled through some workouts, many of the coaches mentioned Loni Rodriguez to me and suggested that I meet with her.  Finally, I did and I am so grateful for her help.  

Her approach to physical therapy is so different than what I had experienced previously.  I think that one of the biggest realizations that I’ve had is that some of my problem was psychological.  I lacked the confidence and was very insecure about trying to run again.  

Loni helped me to break through these psychological  barriers and after 2 months of knee strength training and some real baby steps, I’ve started jogging with minimal discomfort.  I love it!!  I really never thought I’d be actually able to do this again.  

I will continue my therapy with Loni for as long as I can.  Her ability to break through and help me conquer my frustrations is something that you don’t get with other physical therapists.  I recommend Infinite Potential Physical Therapy and Loni Rodriquez for any rehabilitation program.“  

This is why we do what we do. I am not going to turn Debbie into a runner overnight or even get her back to 100%, but we set realistic expetations and goals to achieve. She is now doing very well and back on that treadmill every few classes. Of course, there are still some aches and pains but she has gotten back to something she loves to do!

Thank you Debbie, for being such a hard-working client. We are all very proud!

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