Patient Connection: The Importance of Making the Connection

The importance of making the connection.

This post is not only directed towards my clients to help you understand my treatment style, but also my fellow providers. As providers, we can not forget WHY we do what we do

I try to make connections with every client  that I come in contact with. The connection I make with someone is one of the most important pieces that leads to a positive prognosis no matter what. When people are in pain, they are looking for answers. They are afraid, and in many cases, in a bit of a depression because of what they are dealing with. Calming that fear, lessening the worry, showing them that I understand and empathize can immediately allow them to open up.

Comfort at FIRST interaction looks like this:

“Hello, nice to meet you”

or on a phone call with, “Hello, what can I help you with? What can I do for you?”

Who are the first people you tell about something important or something of concern in your life? The people closest to you, right? Sometimes it is difficult to express your concerns to providers who do not act like they care or act as if you are just another person walking in their door. I’m not going to lie, personal issues and things I deal with on the day to day have impacted my time with patients. Yet, I try very hard to leave that outside the doors of my office.

The first impression and connection we, as providers, make with a client can push treatment immediately in a positive direction. This was not something that I learned right out of school, however. It took time to understand the power of body language, reactions, and responses. Beginning the initial interaction with getting to know the person as a PERSON can go a long way. Finding a common interest, mutual friend, or simply relating to them in any way can start things off on the right foot.

When it comes to talking about the reason why they are seeking treatment. LISTENING to them is the first step. Hear what they are saying, show them that you understand and can help them. A simple, “Okay, I have seen this before, let me explain to you what I feel you are dealing with…” can go a long way.

Of course, I want to fix every ailment that walks in my door, however, I know that is not possible and fixing is not what I do. My job is to give answers, debunk misconceptions, inform clients about their concerns and empower patients to take control over their symptoms. There is no quick fix… I put the power in the client’s hands.

Providers! These people are looking to YOU as the experts. Make sure that you are giving them your 110% and make them feel comfortable. Listen, pay attention, and respond thoroughly. Ease their fears, don’t heighten them.

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