Setting the bar high with the Infinite Potential Experience

We do things a bit differently here at Infinite Potential PT. Some of you who are reading this have been here, some of you have not. We want to be sure that you all are either reminded or made aware of the way we roll here at IP. We also think that it’s about time to reintroduce ourselves. 

What’s our method?

First, put out the fire. We use manual therapy, light exercise and self at home treatment to help get the pain down.

Second, we find the true cause. Work on improving the root cause of the issue so it can truly heal and improve. We are always continuing to evaluate and re-evaluate to make sure we are on the right path and are uncovering all of the issues.

Third, we create the long-term fix. Most people come in with the goal of never having their problem come back. This is fairly realistic if you are doing the right things along the way. Every patient’s plan progresses towards a long term strength training path to really keep their issue from ever coming back.

What sets us apart from the traditional PT model?

We specialize in working with active people! The majority of our population is active in the gym or in sports. Our clients are motivated individuals who are looking to help the pain that is negatively affecting their ability to do what they love.

We work people. What does not challenge you, does not change you. If you are coming to PT, your goals are likely to get better. If you aren’t pushed a bit, you won’t reach your goals. We use a combination of manual therapy and exercise to help people but love to transition as soon as possible to barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. 

We work with people from sideline to starting line, from the bedside to the barbell. We know how to take you from feeling your worst to feeling ready to work at your best and beyond. In most traditional models, you are cut off once you can go about your daily life without limitation. That doesn’t work for most of our patients. Many times, pain only happens when you reach that 10th mile on a run, or with that big challenge at the gym. We know how to help you throughout the entire process and won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with how you feel. 

Why do we get great results?

We use our knowledge and resources to follow people from the beginning of their pain experience to their path of prevention. Most clients begin as physical therapy clients and end as training clients. We help bridge the gap between rehab and training. The best path to pain prevention is strength training!

What would be your path?

In pain and limited, transitioning to…

Out of pain but still limited, transitioning to…

Stronger but still not 100%, transitioning to…

100% but baseline is BS so you then work with a strength coach to keep the gains rolling so your pain doesn’t come back.

Sound good? Great, give us a call and get started

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