Shoe wear. An important element to successful exercise

Ideally it would be great to select the most reasonably priced shoe on the shelf or the most colorful in the collection, but so much more goes into proper exercise shoe choice.

Consulting with a qualified exercise shoe salesperson is key to getting the right fit and achieving the best workout possible. That professional can address your individual gait, arch and foot stability needs.

1. Injury avoidance: Ill fitting shoes can lead to shin splints, joint pain, muscle pulls.

2. Improved athletic performance: Proper fitting sneaks provide foot support and stability, enhancing athletic performance.

3. Shelf life: Sneakers last 300-500 miles – that’s total running miles, including “running around” and commuting miles. I can tell when I’m approaching that “need new sneakers” stage – when my shins begin to ache. Aching shins…sneaker fitting time.

4. Multiple pairs: Personally, I find it convenient to have at least two fitted, functioning pair of exercise shoes. When one seems sweaty, they get a rest in favor of fresh pair number two.

Locally in the Boston area Marathon Sports is a great resource for quality sneaker selection, professional fitting and knowledgeable staff. They’ll watch you jog in a variety of sneaker options and hone in on the best choice for your specific needs.

So, don’t short change your exercise performance & personal health by picking the prettiest and cheapest choice on the shelf. An investment in great sneakers is an investment in yourself.

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