“When will I see the results?”

As a personal trainer and group fitness coach I am often asked the question “when am I going to see the results”. Well, this is a tough one to answer as everyone is on a different fitness journey and everyone is different. We each have different lifestyles, jobs, body types, genetics, and age.  It can be very easy to compare yourself to others who started at the same time or friends the same age. This is normal and everyone does it but truth is- we just need to enjoy the ride and not put so much pressure ourselves to see fast results.

Below is some advice to help you on your fitness journey:

Stay consistent

Be consistent with whatever it is you are doing. Classes two to three times a week, maybe you see a personal trainer, take a walk on the weekend, play tennis. Whatever your fitness regime is stick with it!

Crazy fad fitness and diets don’t work! Get involved with something you can incorporate into your lifestyle forever or at least a long time. It needs to be part of your routine, like brushing your teeth at night. Trying quick fads never stick!

Eat clean or as close to it as you can

Going to the gym everyday but still eating way too much or junk processed foods won’t get you anywhere. Sure -you will get stronger and be more fit but you won’t physically see all the results of your hard work if your nutrition is not on track. That’s not to say you need to be super crazy with it but try to get good clean food into your body- meat and veggies and not too much over processed carbs! Maybe you actually need to increase the amount you are eating, maybe you aren’t fueling your body enough! Restricting and under eating can be just as bad!
Allow yourself some cheats and don’t feel bad about it but try to eat clean 80% of the time.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Remember the reason you started on this journey. What is your why? Stay focused and motivated.  Having a fit and healthy life will improve many aspects – improved strength to do daily tasks, ability to run around with children or grandchildren, improved mental health, heart health, and sooo many more.

Training should be fun

Don’t overdo your training program. Make sure you are training smart and effective. You don’t want to have to drag yourself to the gym and you also don’t want to end up over training and feeling fatigued. Your body needs recovery time, over training will add additional unnecessary stress.

Bottom line is being confident in what you are doing and trying to achieve and not stressing out about seeing fast results!

By PippaTeague

Infinite Potential Strength Coach and Personal Trainer

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