Why Do We Get Injured?

Dr. Loni here, coming to you with some info on why we get hurt!

There are many causes for injuries, WAY too many to list and name. Why is that? We are all different human beings with different inner workings, work schedules, ability levels, past histories of injury, medical conditions, motivation levels, fears, sleep qualities, nutrition habits, and the list goes on…

So what is the number one predictor for injury? Hands down, the research tell us that the number one predictor of injury is previous injury.

This, however is not something that we can modify. We can’t take back time. So, what CAN we modify? Well, give this next statement a read…

Most injuries occur from doing too much after doing too little for too long.

So… why do we get hurt?

Injuries and pain have a TON of contributing factors, too many to name and too specific to each person to narrow down to an all inclusive list.

One of the best ways to look at an injury or develop a prevention strategy is to think through these key points:

  1. Are you dealing with current injury or pain? Did YOU put YOUR body through more than it used to at a faster speed than it could adapt to?
  2. Are you thinking about Injury prevention: Can you find out what your goal is and create an exercise routine around that goal? Will it allow your body to SLOWLY adapt and become resilient to the activities you want to put it through?

Think a bit less about how to FIX what is going as the first line of defense on using specific fixing methods for pain relief, movement correction, etc.

Think more about the relevant causes, make some short-term modifications, maybe add some fixing methods in along the way to help you get by, and put a plan in place to SLOWLY allow your body to adapt to what you want it to do.

Did you learn something here? Let us know! Do you know someone who would benefit from reading this? Pass it along.

Until next time…

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