Why Nutrition?

Why Nutrition? 
Nicholas Frazier
Nutrition Specialist @ IPPTW

Dr. Loni and I sit down every other month or so and like to spitball ideas. We throw things on whiteboards and just discuss best practices. We talk about what we see works and doesn’t work with the clients we work with. We’ve both managed programs with hundreds of individuals and see what are the major missing components to their training. We’ve discussed how to develop programming that best suits certain athletes. We’ve talked about teaching coaches how to connect common faults to corrective exercises. Most recently we sat down and talked about the idea of functional living. 

The idea was we both have so many athletes that spend so much time crushing it in the gym. They put so much effort into rehab work and their fitness, and struggle to see results. It led to us conversely discussing the fact that most spend that time in the gym, maybe 5-8 hours of their week which totals to 3% of their week? With a total of 168 hours in the week, what are they doing the other 160 hours or 97%? 

Our conclusion was that guidance on Nutrition would have the biggest impact on people’s success. We discussed what method we liked the most and both of us concluded the macronutrient method was the most sustainable and realistic for the general population. By calculating and prescribing macronutrients based off a client’s age, sex, weight, and activity level and educating them how to balance their caloric intake based on their goals, weight loss, gain, maintence, we could help them find a sustainable approach to their nutrition that would long term provide the health results they were looking for. 

Experience has shown than when we can take control of the major areas of our health including fitness, nutrition, mobility, recovery, and mindset, we are much more likely able to achieve our goals. We spend countless hours on working out and countless dollars on programs, trainers, and classes and wonder why they don’t work? When in fact they may be working just fine, but we don’t have control of our nutrition and aren’t fueling our body properly. 

My favorite analogy when it comes to nutrition is thinking about your body as a car. You may own a Porsce. You may spend all the time in the world detailing it, keeping it clean, and upgrading it to perfection. But if you don’t put any fuel in it, you aren’t going anywhere. 

We’d love to help you with your nutrition. With years of experience in nutrition and fitness, we are able to draw a road map to fit your needs and help you reach your goals! When you’re ready to follow it, we are ready to help! 


Have any questions or ready to get started you can reach out to nutrition@infinitepotentialptw.com

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