The best core exercises I bet you’re NOT doing

There are so many exercises in the world of fitness that we can not keep up. My advice is to keep hold on some basic moves to make sure that you are covering all your bases.

Today we are going to cover some core exercises that most people don’t do regularly. Why aren’t they doing them? Most people perform core exercises that keep your core in a “stable” or stationary position. Those types of movements are great, but one of the best things we can do is keep our “core” well rounded position (not literally…).

What do I mean by well rounded?

We want to move our bodies in all directions! We want to be able to bend forward, backward, rotate and twist. In order to be able to do so, we have to teach our core to help out.

So what is our core?

It is from your mid chest and upper back down to your mid thigh! That whole thing is your core! I am going to review some of my favorite exercises that hit all of those ares.

What is the benefit of core work?

  • Can improve performance! It can help people perform better at their sport or activity and make you stronger and more confident to do household chores like carrying in groceries.
  • Can help with pain! Core movements are a staple in many of our rehabilitation programs no matter where someone is experiencing pain.
  • Can help flexibility! Have you ever said that you have tight hamstrings? I sure have heard that… guess what? Core exercise can help.

Here is what we recommend…

The straight leg sit up

This is a phenomenal movement that can help strengthen your abdominal muscles and get you more flexible hamstrings. It is so common that people can not do this move! Can you do it?

The back extension

Back extension exercise can help improve low back pain and flexibility. It can also help strengthen the spinal muscles that help support your entire body! If you do not have a ball like in the video, you can use a ottoman or a stack of pillows.

V-up hold

This is a holding exercise that helps the straight leg sit up and hamstring flexibility. Sometimes this can be very challenging for people to hold for any time at all so have low expectations…

Superman hold

Have you ever felt your back feel tired? This is the exercise for you. It can make your back feel like it is working and guess what? That is exactly what we are looking for!

Hip flexor strength with band

This is the top exercise that no one is doing for core! Have you ever felt that you had tight hip flexors? This exercise is for you.

Hip thrusts

This one is by FAR one of my favorite exercises. This is incredibly beneficial to help hip and lower back pain and gain flexibility!

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