Training Kids


Pippa Teague

IPPTW strength coach, NASM CPT

I’ve been working with kids now for over 15 years, mostly as a figure skating coach but most recently as a personal trainer/ strength coach for both specific sport performance gains and also general health gains.


I love seeing how the improvements translate from off the ice to on the ice.


For young athletes who want to excel in their chosen sport, some form of strength and conditioning is essential and specific needs can be met with a personal trainer to zone in on areas that they are struggling or need to improve on.


As well as improving specific sports performance implementing some form of strength and conditioning at a young age will help the following:


  1. Builds healthy, strong bones and muscles (which in turn will prevent injuries down the line).
  2. Encourages a healthy lifestyle and educates them to continue to live this way into their adulthood
  3. Better nutrition and exercise decreases the chance of having to deal with obesity and diabetes in later years
  4. Reduces stress and releases endorphins (the happy hormone)
  5. Gives them a sense of achievement and confidence decreasing depression


Strength and conditioning doesn’t have to be going to the gym and lifting weights unless you have sport specific needs or goals. Getting kids to workout out can be as easy as going for a bike ride, exploring a hiking trail, visiting a local rock climbing place, playing back yard games, swimming etc and the list goes on.


The more they enjoy what they are doing and the people they do it with they will “work” hard!


Working with kids definitely keeps me on my toes but it’s definitely my favorite clientele to work with

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