Meet Niamh, Isabel, Grace and Georgia

-Pippa Teague

Infinite Potential Personal Trainer/Strength coach




Starting in May 2019, Niamh, Isabel, Grace and Georgia have been working with me twice a week for personal training sessions.

They are all competitive Irish dancers and their teacher wanted them to improve overall strength and power to perform jumps and upper body control to help them in their dancing performances.

From day 1 they showed amazing discipline and hard work. Even though they are young (11-14) they definitely know what they need to do and are motivated to be able to achieve their goals, trying anything I ask of them (without complaining !) and putting their full effort into it. 

They even made it to their sessions twice a week during summer vacation! 

We work mainly on building strength using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, resistance bands and body weight in a circuit style or CrossFit style workout.

I love working with different kids involved in different sports. It’s so fun watching them improve and to see results! It can be challenging at times to keep the workouts fun and varied but I look forward to my sessions with them.

Niamh and Isabel’s mom, Claire said ‘The girls love working with Pippa, they tell me that they have a lot of fun even though it’s hard work! Their power and strength have definitely improved. They have a lot more body awareness and control. I can actually see the physical changes in their legs! ‘

They all recently competed in the North American Irish Dance Championships and all four got recalls! Grace also qualified and is heading to Dublin to compete in the World Championships this April!

I am very proud of these girls and can’t wait to see what else they can achieve!




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