Overcoming Adversity

The definition of adversity via Webster’s Dictionary:


“Difficulties, misfortune, ill luck, back luck, trouble, difficulty, hardship, distress, disaster, misadvantage, suffering, affliction, sorrow, misery, heartbreak, heartache, wretchedness, tribulation, woe, pain, trauma, torment, torture.” The list goes on.


Adversity can be defined as any of the above. Everyone goes through some sort of adversity. It’s not about what type you deal with, but about how you respond to it. 


Do you ever feel alone when you’re dealing with something like this? I am sure of it, we all do. But guess what, you aren’t alone. The feeling of being alone EASILY gets more believable in a world where social media is constantly in our faces. Old friends, co-workers, gym buddies, cousins, acquaintances, celebrities… they all look SO happy on the screen of your phone. But guess what, they probably have shit going on. Don’t forget that. 


So… How do you overcome adversity? You can’t just make it go away, you can’t just run and hide and let someone else deal with it, you can’t just forget about it because it absolutely will resurface at some point. 


Adversity can be overcome by the way you react to it. 


This can be applied to matters BIG and SMALL. 


Small example…

Someone is going 40 MPH in the passing lane and you are LATE for work? 

Option A: Tailgate them like a MASShole, honk and give them the finger? 




Option B: Remain calm and let them realize they are being slow where they will eventually speed up or switch lanes. 


Big example…

Someone does something extremely unjust, unreasonable and unfair?

Option A: scream and yell, accuse and verbally abuse?




Option B: Remain calm with them. Do you best to not let your emotions drive your words. Take your feelings to a conversation with a friend where you can say what you want and get some advice.


Take home… We all deal with shit on any given day. The sun still rises in the morning no matter what was dealt the day before. Get up, shake the dust off and keep moving. Use adversity to learn, grow and become stronger. Get your reps in, practice makes perfect so keep working on overcoming those small hardships because when the big ones roll around, you will be ready.

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